About OnAir: The Heart Of An Artist

Paint­ing on Salt Cay Island


Since 2006, my blog has been ded­i­cated to let­ting fol­low­ers know about my works/travels, and work­shops. I also had a sep­a­rate blog for art col­lec­tors and yet another for artists.

Today, while I wish for folks to con­sider my work, I hope to reach art lovers, col­leagues and friends, under one umbrella. I’ll be cov­er­ing a wide range of top­ics “from the heart” whether about my lat­est paint­ings or experiences/musings as a painter.

The most impor­tant thing is you! My pas­sion is to be of help and to share my con­tin­ual adven­tures in paint­ing on loca­tion no mat­ter where I may be – includ­ing the stu­dio. Please chime in at any time! I love hear­ing from you.

To learn more about me sim­ply visit my the brief Meet Diane page or my more exten­sive Biog­ra­phy.

Let’s have some fun along the way as I go Painting­O­nAir,
L. Diane John­son PSA OPA ISAP PAPOH